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Frankel Golf Academy: "Golf's One Motion" Instructional Video Package
Finally after 30 years of research and 2 years of development, the Frankel Golf Academy has created "Golf's One Motion." This in-depth golf instruction video package is being offered to those who really want to improve their game. With the special learning techniques used in the "Golf's One Motion" package, we created an AUDIO, VISUAL, and KINESTHETIC learning environment. You will be enlightened; light bulbs will come on, and you will learn!
Single Axis Group voted "Golf's One Motion" one of the top 5 golf instructional videos of all time.

 "As a professional educator, may I commend you for a superb learning package. It is the best on golf I've seen, and I have them all."  - Frederick P. Zuspan, M.D. Professor Emeritus, College of Medicine, Ohio State University

Why Golf Instruction Doesn't Work
National Golf Foundation statistics show that in the last 30 years golfers are not improving. In their hearts, I believe golfers know golf instruction doesn't work or is temporary at best. Superstar Hale Irwin commented, "If I can't understand golf instruction, how can anybody else?" As a child you played by feel, not by visual analyzation. Listen to these great golfers:
 Jack Nicklaus:
"But these guys play by mechanical means with positions. I don't see how they can ever play doing that. I have always felt you have to play golf by feel. All athletes, when they get in pressure situations, revert to what they know. I don't think you are going to revert to mechanics. I think you revert to feel."

 Jim Colbert:
"... but I don't want to watch myself on that screen. I'm an artist. I play by feel. It's scary to actually have to look at yourself."

 Gary Player:
"For every fundamental in golf, I will show you a superstar, and I don't use that word lightly, who doesn't do it."

 Sam Snead:
"You can have great positions and a lousy swing, and lousy positions and a great swing."
In "Golf's One Motion," you will learn what really counts.

Arnie Frankel has a smooth, effortless, powerful golf swing. He never works on body parts or positions. When you learn to swing the clubhead and create a swinging motion, great mechanics happen naturally.
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