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Golf swing instruction

Facts about golf swing instruction
 "In the last 25 years the handicap of the average golfer has remained the same."  - National Golf Foundation
 Every quick fix or mechanical correction in golf is temporary and leads to another problem. This keeps golfers on the experimenting merry-go-round and fuels the teaching industry.

 Because everyone's body structure is different, no two golf swings are exactly alike. There is no model.

 Copying a pro's swing or working with a video of your own swing doesn't work. The two greatest golfers of all time both say, Bobby Jones and Jack Nickalus, both say, "I play by feel."

 Today millions of golfers struggle needlessly because of confusing, contradictory and often impossible golf instruction. They are simply using the wrong key to unlock the door.

 There is a 70 year old teaching method that is simple and self correcting. This method has been suppressed because it threatens a billion dollar golf instruction industry.

 The Frankel Golf Academy is the only school in the United States that teaches the Ernest Jones method correctly.

 The Frankel method is based 100% on laws of science and logic. This is the reason it works for everyone...beginners or experts.

 What the Frankels teach is what every great player does but can't explain. "I never know why I hit the ball well. I just know when I'm doing it."  - Ben Hogan

 Woman and Senior Golfers learn this method easily because strength and sizes are not major factors.

 This method of instruction has produced 16 National Champions and countless professional and amateur champions throughout the world.

 The Frankel method produces a natural and easier way for you to swing, reducing mental and physical strain.

 The Frankel Golf method has a 97% success rate. USGA Journal.

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